APRIL 2010



Anke Bekink - Rotterdam / Netherlands


Is the main message of your first book about encouraging and challenging people to search for the essential?

Ultimately, I think that the search for the essential requires, above all, that people allow themselves to be guided by their inner voice or intuition. In my own example, while writing the book, I learned to better open myself, to the point of completely giving in to my inner guide. I discovered, as I never have before, just how intuition is a veritable force of inspiration and the incredible power it has in our creative potential, as I wholeheartedly submitted to it through my writing.


Láli de Araújo - Lisbon / Portugal


The term “signs” is used by many authors, including you. What exactly do you mean by it?

To me, a sign is a kind of reference point which, without dictating my steps, indicates the path to follow. I see signs as lights that help me find my way and stay on the right path, without impeding my critical and skeptical mind from pursuing a true quest. Life consists of choices and each decision we make can either open new paths or close existing ones. The only paths I find interesting to follow are those that help connect us with the essence of our unique sensibility, that allow us to relate to the universe and confirm our role in the world. Every unusual or coincidental experience we encounter can be a sign and therefore another new step forward on the path to becoming who we truly are.

Adil Messari - Casablanca / Morocco


Is there any credibility and value in states of “trance”, and if so, what can we gain from them?

Trance states are a legacy from what we call “primitive” cultures. When performed properly, they can introduce significant elements of traditional wisdom into our modern vision. The deep experiences in these states have proven that the representations of the universe developed by primitive societies are not only based on superstition or some magical way of thinking, but also on the direct experience of another reality. In some states of trance we can experience a journey into other existent dimensions, by diving into a huge pool of ancestral memories that illustrate various aspects of nature and the universe. These revelations allow us to get a glimpse of the outline of a new global concept of ourselves.

Maria José Miro - Malaga / Spain


What does “Love” mean to you?

I think the perception of Love is different for each of us and that this perception always dwells somewhere between wisdom and ignorance. For me, in its very essence, Love allows us to connect to the divine both from within and without. It’s a bridge between the material and the spiritual world, a universal power that maintains the unity of the world.

Bart Engelen - Mechelen / Belgium


Many people are interested in deepening their spiritual knowledge and awareness, but are often faced with a multitude of different experiences which challenge this quest. Is there really such a thing as genuine spirituality?

I believe that authentic spirituality is universal. It is not based on any specific culture but is focalized on the ultimate source of all creation; therefore it cannot be exclusive because from its very nature it encompasses all of humanity. All spiritual doctrine should, in my opinion, act as a bridge to the divine source but must not be confused for it. If we practice a spiritual practice, it is important to avoid the constant trap of viewing only the individual truth- by only seeing it through a limited and narrow window – and envision it instead as part of the “whole” universal Truth.


Sonia Erem - Izmir / Turkey


Is the notion of universal morals central to your philosophy and dialogues?

Although a philosophy may be a bearer of ethical and moral values and therefore contribute to exemplary conduct and behavior, its role remains limited. Philosophy can describe a discourse embracing a vision of the world, but not a real truth, otherwise it wouldn’t be philosophy any more. What I try to bring forth through my writing- and I think both my own philosophy and philosophy in general can play an important role here- is that everything that exists is permeated by a superior intelligence. My work, essentially, focuses on revealing the existence of a universal order which provides structure to all of creation, rather than a universal moral sense.