APRIL 2012



Pierre-Henry Conche – Namur / Belgium


In your opinion, what is the main cause of moral feebleness in modern man?

Man is victim to what he considers to be concrete or factual knowledge. Therefore, he has difficulty understanding his true nature and how it is linked to his real essence. His ignorance leads him only to limited wisdom, and he confuses his ego with his Being. This engenders a whole chain of false values which he erroneously believes to be correct.


Izabella Szymborska – Gdansk / Poland


The Yin and Yang symbol consists of two parts. What does it stand for; dualism or unity?

The Yin and Yang symbolizes the two principal opposing forces in the universe; light and darkness, positive and negative, masculine and feminine. These opposing forces always maintain a perfect balance. The black dot in the white part of the symbol, and the white in the black, symbolize that all living organisms possess the seed for opposition within themselves. There is no masculine without feminine elements, and no feminine without masculine. Were this not the case, then there would be no interaction possible between the opposing forces and they would cancel each other out forever. It is precisely this interaction between the dualities that brings about a greater unity.


Mwai Odinga – Nairobi / Kenya


Are there ever circumstances in which war is justified?

I disapprove of any form of violence and believe it should be avoided at all costs. War leads to the total depravation of humanity, and is never “civilized” in nature. “Civilization” means respect for one another, on a personal level and in freedom of expression. What kind of civilization is it if there is little tolerance for differences and no basic standards of self-control?


Harald Jensen – Copenhagen / Denmark


Will the universal culture of tomorrow resemble more a Western or an Eastern model?

Both Western and Eastern cultures share a common doctrine; discovering and learning what lies at the core of the Phenomenon of Spirituality and the way in which this universal reality can fit within a universal model.