Priscilla Andrew - Baltimore / Maryland


Do we choose our own paths, and if our destiny is already mapped out, do we really have any freedom or free choice?


We all have a multitude of choices along our journey of life where the main path is already traced. It’s what we call our destiny. The freedom to make choices is offered to us each time we are aware of the reactionary phenomenon of our egos; our ego being our automatic reaction, and in other words, our imprisonment, that which prevents us from making free choice. Free choice is the ability to allow our ego to disappear, revealing a higher intelligence; a divine intelligence in this physical dimension, in a unique form, which we alone are capable of letting through.



Emilio Ermilate - Bruxelles / Belgium

What makes you such an optimist?


I think above all, I am a realist, although I don’t like any conceptual descriptions of my person. I try to stay in tune with reality, which saves me a lot of misconceptions, disappointments and frustrations. The conviction, for example, that what resides in my body is immortal, permits me to be unafraid of death. Rather, it’s with immense pleasure that I live this life to the fullest with the time that I have here. While living this wonderful experience we call life, it is with great respect for the Divine that I try to let love prevail at every level and with every situation.



Dina Orlova - Samara / Russia

Can we choose our own thoughts?


Trying to bring out thoughts we consider to be our own, we soon realize that we cannot do that, but that they instead reach us by a reaction of the brain to an external event. We have no control on what thoughts surge in our minds. We can only hear, perceive, and eventually interpret them. No thoughts, just as no emotions for that matter, are our own, but instead Arrive to us.