Boyan Yankov – Plovdiv / Bulgaria


The world as we know it, is it real or unreal?


The appearances of the material world and all its phenomena, is a temporary manifestation of reality. Nothing exists in this world perpetually, therefore, everything that appears in this physical world exists just as it it in this moment, and has a finite duration.



Anthony Scott – Harrisburg / Pennsylvania


You affirm that there are no bad people. You say that the only distinction we can make is the level of consciousness of each individual. Can you elaborate further?


Every individual comes into this world with a hereditary family load, and in addition, inherits another load, the heritage of the society he grows up in, and identifies himself with. The ideas, circumstances and lifestyle around a person, on the large part, determine his behaviour. The only thing that can liberate us from this darker baggage, is the change of consciousness which love offers.



Teresa Gonzales – Ecatepec / Mexico


What books would you recommend for those looking for the Truth?


A book is but a set of words and concepts. Although it can reveal certain truths, it can never be able to convey the true nature of all things. Ultimate reality cannot be expressed other than in a direct manner, by directly experiencing it. Words relate to distinct things, which apparently exist in a separate manner, and we know that any type of distinction is definitively an illusion. But it’s true that all conceptual distinctions allow our mind to perceive reality. It’s through illusion that we discover reality. Every book can therefore teach us something on reality, but we must always be aware to take nothing as absolute truth, and to remain open to the essence of all that is.