Authentic Behavior



We cannot stress enough the need to be authentic, to have an honest behavior and that what we express is a true reflection of what we feel inside ourselves. Knowing that when we hide, we deny a part of what we really are and that part will manifest itself in matter through suffering. It is fundamental for all those who wish to begin a process of raising their consciousness, to not only be true in what we express, but also to recognize ourselves through the other. It is here that the significance of mirrors of light takes on its full meaning.


The more we bring attention to what vibrates within ourselves, in any situation and with any person, the more we receive the necessary information for a better understanding of what needs to be healed. By working with this subtle information, what’s hidden becomes much clearer and we become fully aware that what we see in the world helps us to better understand ourselves.


From this stage in which we understand our own healing process, we are able to transmit to others what we truly feel as the source of their problems or suffering. Our healer abilities take place once we do not have the need to be validated, please, conquer, maintain any protocol or take power anymore.


The more we adopt this open and authentic behavior, the more we grow in our own life, the more our level of consciousness evolves. Mirroring makes us fully conscious that each of our vibrations, that everything we emit is in a way, an order that we give to the universe.


As we saw before, each word is a vibratory key. When words are used in particular combinations, mental coherences are created which; once they have entered the energetic structure of the other, change their vibration and therefore the result in matter.


When we reflect ourselves in front of another person and feel what vibrates in us at that moment, we are able to use that relational bridge from where what needs to be said will be expressed. Our words will come out automatically and serve as a vibrational key.


Mirroring offers us much more information than what we just can perceive from the physical world. Obviously in the physical world we see the other as a man or a woman, their age, skin color, status and other physical details, even their mood but we realize that this is only a small part of what is presented to us.


The information that we are looking for resides in our own inner structure. Mirroring is thus an act of constant devotion to stimulate an elevation of consciousness in all the situations that are offered to us. We listen and perceive people in order to move our own structure. Seeing that by mirror effect, the other will automatically move as well. The attempt to be right remains a danger because it will impose a stagnation of our ego and increase our pride.


Any change in our inner structure creates a change in our life and instantly also in the life of others. The mirror effect is immediate. Good or bad is no more than our judgement made on ego level. When we move the structure of a person, it is indeed the energy sphere of that person that changes. And so every time there is an inner change, it shifts our vibrational equation and this change appears concretely in matter.