Jean Louis Bonnet – Libourne / France

What cultural or religious values are you trying to promote?

The experiences acquired during my many travels have taught me much about just how influential culture and religion are to the conditioning of human behavior, to the effect that I now have a decentralized view of the world. These influences have the goal of instilling a number of concepts so that groups of people can find and identify with each other, but this leads to the concealment of inner knowledge and to a very limited perception of infinite nature. This is a complete contradiction to my actions and goals which are to help liberate people from any type of conditioning. Therefore, it goes without saying, that I neither promote nor condone any culture, religion, nationality, or organized movements through my writings, nor am I trying to convince anyone of superiority in my visions. My only aspiration is to view the world in a universal intercultural nature, and to assist the readers on their pursuit of a free and spiritual conscience.


Ana Jimenez Vargas – Medellin / Colombia

Do you conceive scientific or artistic creativity as logical or mystical in nature?

Creativity at its fundamental core is comparable to the birth of a baby. True creation is the emergence of something new, as we perceive it, into the physical or material realm, therefore it cannot be solely logical in nature; it had to have been visualized through revelatory insights of something that was previously unknown. This requires an intuitive ability that allows the leap into the realm of the unknown before being integrated into the known.


Mourad Messaoud – Bizerte / Tunisia

What is the final destination on our path to self-discovery?

Let me define what I mean by “self-discovery”: it is the process of an introspective inquiry, followed by a challenge of all our beliefs. Therefore, part of the quest itself is an individual analysis of our personality, an exercise that enables us to realize the different facades of our personalities, and how they came to be. Another part of the quest is to remove these facades, setting us free from all that imprisoned us. This ultimately leads us to a dimension where there is no self, no ego, but a void; a dimension where silence and clarity reign, and we’re able to reach the perfect state in which to contemplate reality.


Joaquín Teló – Elche / Spain

Your novel is, amongst other things, a human adventure experienced through natural elements. However, today, nature and its very existence are being threatened. What do you see as a solution to this problem?

The answer to your question can be summarized briefly: we need to reassess human greed. Looking back in history, man lived in harmony with nature for many years, but then a sense of ownership developed, and this resulted in exploitation of all our natural resources. In order to increase our prosperity we’ve abused these natural resources, and the consequences are being seen and felt today, and will be for generations to come. Given the limitless greed of humans, the earth has begun to respond, because just like human bodies, the earth is a biological organism with an intricate level of balance, and so when its balance is disrupted, it reacts. The only solution is a better relationship with nature, and a change in our behavior, so that balance can be restored. We need to review and change those aspects of human behavior that seek to satisfy unlimited desires- all which stem from greed- and to adapt new behaviors that respect the limited resources of our planet.


Nicole Peng – Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

What meditative techniques do you recommend?

The meditation I practice is none other than being liberated, which doesn’t require any method or technique. It is achieved through a contemplative attitude, which allows a state of awareness that discerns true reality from perceived reality. In this state, we are able to just observe what is without any need for rationalization. But it does take an effort to achieve this state; no intention is required, just a state of attentive and immediate presence in regards to self and all around. Although many feel this requires complete focus and effort-hence where the difficulty arises-, it really should feel natural and effortless.