John Barnes - Milwaukee / Wisconsin

The non-dualistic view asserts that suffering is caused by our desires, but how can we live life without desires?


There is nothing wrong with the sentiment of a desire in of itself, but it’s their pettiness, and the sacrifices we are compelled to do to satisfy those desires, which we need to take into account. In seriously devoting ourselves to ridding that which limits our spiritual evolution, all our desires are joined to form but a single one, the desire to be One with Love, which is the mother of all desires. Whatever nature a desire has, it is an expression of the biggest desire of all; the experience of Love.



Noam Rosendaal - Jerusalem / Israël

I know by experience that intuition helps prepare us for what will come, but how do I explain this to other people?


When we follow the signs given by our intuition, we penetrate into another dimension. Within this dimension we are much more aware of the universal order between all things. It is therefore easier to recognize the subtleties of the law of cause and effect. This more extended view allows us to somehow “cross” time and to better adapt to unforeseen changes before they take place.



Trofim Letov - Novosibirsk / Russia

What political system are you in favor of? In your opinion, what system can truly change things for the better in this world?


The world cannot be saved by an authority which is itself part of this world. Only those who can see beyond the chaos and contradictions of this world can really help it to change. There is no method for this, but there exists a form of energy which humans are not sufficiently aware of, up until this point, which can. Real change in this world, torn apart by conflict, depends on our ability to find the origin of this energy and to cultivate it. This energy is the source of all energies and is inexhaustible. When humans have truly understood the benefit of this energy, there will be more peace and harmony in the world, and then we will have the greatest of all changes; the transformation of the human being.