Emotional Functioning



Let us understand that all the faculties we develop in matter know their origins in our internal structure. If, for example, we have difficulty letting go of control, it let us know that our need for control is linked to our fears and anxieties. Our anxieties and our ability to take or keep control are two sides of the same coin. It is up to us to analyze, as in the example above, all the links between the inside and the outside, between our structure and matter.


As long as we do not really understand that our outer needs are reflections of our inner structure, we cannot really understand the reason (s) for the situations in which we are engaged. From that perspective; we continue to believe that life is acting as something separate from ourselves, unaware that life only reflects, by provoking situations in which we can become aware of our inner structure.


Indeed, life is simply responsible for creating the necessary plays to help us discover our own character. And it does it through our emotions. Every situation we face creates emotions. These emotions connect our inner structure with the outer world, in order to better understand what we incarnate as. This is the deep meaning of life.


Life is therefore not just suffering and it does not oblige us to suffer to evolve. We do not necessarily have to go through tortures to reach higher levels of consciousness. On the other hand humans like to be right and most of the time they do not want to leave their zones of comfort. They like to take refuge where they feel they can somehow control the situation, even if it means stagnating.


When the life we ​​lead and the roles we play in our movie are comfortable, true evolution in acceptance becomes difficult. If we strive to change the external world to find a comfort zone that we don’t want to leave, again nothing can really move in our inner structure. Then indeed suffering may appear to be the only remedy. Situations may occur, causing negative emotions such as frustration, boredom, betrayal, or even physical suffering such as accidents, illnesses or other situations requiring us to leave our shelters.


It is true that for most of us suffering is often an engine that drives us to get rid of a role or a comfort zone that we are too attached to. But suffering is not a necessity. The sincere desire to gain access to a higher level of consciousness is more than sufficient as an engine. But here too there is great confusion. Evolution is what we do when we stop trying to become something other than what we already are. The evolution of our level of consciousness is more a matter of letting go than of any action.