Fate vs Responsibility



Many among us believe in fate because they have left so much unconscious in the name of enlightment or awakening that all they have left is to sit back and watch the show unfold. That is certainly a choice, but if the ego is not fully healthy and integrated, it is a dangerous one because it involves the denial of responsibility and we know from experience the tragedy to which that inevitably leads.


When humans try to control systems of knowledge and spiritual teachings, non-dual, religious or others, they invariably end up projecting, generation after generation, their psychologies and personalities into them, so that the teachings lead into dogmas, and at some point the abuse associated with defending dogma inevitably arises.


What is most remarkable about the modern non-dual movement is the scale of self-deception. In no other spiritual niche do so many believe that they are awake, even when it is patently obvious they are not, even by their own criteria. Self-deception in non-dual spiritual circles seems endless because their aspirations to non-existence of self and mind are contrary to the human condition. Self and minds exist whether we are spiritually awake or asleep, and trying to convince ourselves and others otherwise is always a losing battle.


In this abnegation of self, "I feel angry" for example becomes "Anger is arising" or "Life is acting". In this way, we abdicate all responsibility for the expressions of self, while self continues unabated. Perspective and language certainly change, but issues remain. Awakening takes away any chance for those issues to resolve because they can no longer be owned, and ownership is a crucial step in resolving conflicts and psychological issues. Otherwise, our issues are merely set adrift on a sea of unconsciousness processes with the hope that they will spontaneously resolve.


So although most of us do not like the idea that life or the self has no purpose and who really wants to have this as their guideline? there are those who are drawn to it because no self lead to meaninglessness. It provides a worldview in which we are not bound by rules, interpretations, meaning and perceived consequences. This is because absolute rejection and absolute acceptance are, on the deepest level, the same thing.


When we truly love and accept ourselves, we open up to others and that includes their suffering, and from the connections that form from that reaching out we naturally move to minimize suffering whenever and wherever we find it. Kindness becomes our driving force, rather than the enlightenment certificate that satisfies only our spiritual materialism and sense of specialness. We must leave the enlightenment state to those who have nothing better to do, and focus on bringing the light of consciousness into every aspect of our ordinary lives, the lives of those around us, and out to the whole universe. Then and only then do we make a real difference.