Ghita Alin - Berceni / Romania


When can we expect to meet our spiritual partner, and what exactly happens when we do?


Life is a constant search for love and every sincere and real relationship is established with this intention. Together with our partner, we create certain conditions in our lives in which the discovery of love can be realized in a more pronounced way. Once we have overcome obstacles and fully understand the lessons of every one of our relationships, we are offered a great opportunity; meeting our twin soul. This reunion will then bring about radical changes to all that structures our individuality, and our whole “person” undergoes a metamorphosis. We then witness a profound change in our mental habits, thoughts, feelings, fears, desires and intentions.



Lorane Gordon - Encino / California


What remains of our ‘person’ once we let go our ego?


Spirituality is essentially about recognizing what shapes and feeds our ego. Spiritual evolution engenders the process of the deconstruction of the ego, and we therefore experience detachment from our egotistical needs, and we rid, layer by layer, all that we consider as our personality. Each time we recognize a new layer, we free ourselves from what it entails. What is left then, of ourselves? I would say that for each layer of the ego that disappears, more and more love appears.



Salvatore Pinna - Deventer / Netherlands


What decisions must we make to attain enlightenment?


Enlightenment is a destination, the direction in which all of humanity is headed in. Life is nothing more than a flow in which every experience leads to enlightenment. Whatever we do, whatever choices we make, the necessary experiences lighting our way, will take place. The only significant decision we can make throughout this whole process is to be aware of the self-imposed resistances made by our conditioned minds, and to free ourselves of these, so that clarity fully comes through.