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Julie Di Silvestro - Colorado


Your book was just what I needed... the universe answering my questions. Love the story, Alex. and I can see that it is my story, too... just when I think I might have read it somewhere else before, there's a twist and a whole new perspective opens up before me. Your book really makes me stop and think as I read it which is why I read a little at a time... so I can think about what I have read and see how to apply it.



Salvatore Pinna - Sardinia



I loved "Legend of a Nomad". The story appeal to me because each and every character worked their way right into my heart and stayed there. Even now that I’m finished the book I’m still thinking of the characters and wishing I was still a part of their lives within the pages. This novel takes us into the very hearts and souls of people who live, love, and breathe a better world.




Grace Medeiros - Canada


I finished your book... just sat here in silence for a while... like so many readers have already told you, I was touched, inspired, encouraged, the words can go on and on and on. This book was more then a book, and you're more then an author... it was a profound spiritual experience... a huge mystical moment. A vision into what pure love is, a glimpse into a world that for now remains only in our dreams but that I hope, no, I know will come to a reality some day. The book was that and much more. The content is Exceptional and I'm honored to receive them.



Lina Lanousheh - Jordan


I just love how you express many things with the damn right words and I like the stuff that you highlight.



Marcella Oliviero - Italy


"Legend of a Nomad" is a very interesting book, full of deep meanings and reflections on life. It MUST be read because his philosophical journey leads you to the discovery of small but essential nuances of life on which everyone should focus and think about.



Jenette Peterson - Texas


I believe Alex do write for so many who do not or know how to express themselves. I started reading the book” The Legend of a Nomad”…I hadn't even started reading Chapter 1 and I felt lost in his words. I am very drawn to the insights of one who can speak from the soul... after all that is truly what we are!



Julia Ostrooukhova - The Netherlands


Alex is a living Men. He leaves his life and shares the best of him with the others. His intention is pure and goes from his hart. He does what he can on his own place with his talents, experiences, thoughts, visions... and invest all in creating of better, brighter Life for all of us. Alex helps people to brake the borders of their mind and fair and to understand each other better. He votes for freedom and peace and I support him on his way. I wish him to save the fire of his love.



Eveline Horelle Dailey - Arizona


It was the picture of his website that attracted me. I know the power one finds by listening to the canyon. I placed myself in the heart of Antelope Canyon and came out a new person. I feel Alex was right next to me. And I started reading him! There is something transcending the daily lives we find ourselves in when we find, between and with his every words, what our soul need. BRAVO"



Angela Gregg - Australia


In your writing, you speak to the heart of all that is reading, your insight is so profound as you connect to the deeper part of your self, you are driven to inspire an awakening on a global consciousness. Your love, light and wisdom touch the hearts and minds of many and you are instrumental in helping others change the course of their lives, inspiration and much healing results. Your creations are vast and endless as you continue to act in accordance with your divine will. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. Blessings.



Iona Carp - Romania


Reading Alex Mero's books and/or working with him means introspection, growing over some experiences and attitudes, growing up, inside transformation. And the good result comes kind-of "obliquely"; you have been focusing on your own personal development and, still, you have a new accomplishment. Also. It looks like you are growing even more efficient than you used to be. Alex is first and foremost an inspirer. Well, dear readers, I would say: do step out of your comfort zone, do take the challenge! You' ll be thankful!



Christina King - Zimbabwe


I have just finished reading Legend of a Nomad! What an experience! I would like to thank Alex Mero so much for writing this book. I thank the universe for unleashing his imagination in such a potent way and I am grateful for the travels and experiences of life he had. As I was reading this book, I was aware of how much I too was connecting with my inner sensitivity. Thank you for introducing me to the power of questioning for our life purpose. It has come at a time I needed to hear such a message and in the manner the author did that enabled me to really take it in. I believe that it is going to have a huge impact on my ability to complete my own book in a powerful way for sure.


Katya Zharkova - Russia


This book is helping us to find our way and to look at the Road and pay more attention to ourselves and our inner soul. The lessons and wisdom Nathan acquires during his adventure can be applied to everyone’s life. The underlying wisdom is very powerful and profound. Readers must be willing to open their eyes and minds and many parallels between modern real life and Nathan's life can be found. I strongly recommend this book. Alex is a great storyteller and I will surely promote his work in Russia.



Kate Tullis Williams - Oklahoma


Thank you for writings Alex. I am finding that I am reconnecting with myself. I am truly inspired by you. Life has taken so much out of me that I was forgetting who I was. You have brought a nice breeze in to my spirit and promise to my outlook and insite in my daily life through your words. You're a gorgeous person and a beautiful writer. I will share your writing with everyone.



Ruel Chavez - Philippines

I am very impressed with your work. Translated in 15 languages. Amazing! I also admire the way you write. It appears to me that the words are coming from deep within you. It's my first time to hear about philofiction as a literary genre. Very interesting! You have chosen a great theme - destiny. It makes me think about my deepest motivations. I forgot the last time I ask myself that but it came back to me by reading your book.



Arne Gaarder - Norway


I have been reading Legend of the Nomad. It is such powerful stuff and I am enjoying it! It's right on my path. Reading this book right now is perfect as I am currently working on establishing what my life purpose is. I know it has something to do with empowering others. Now I am working on being guided to the vehicle of this mission. I'll be joining you on your project of sharing your online book with the world Alex. I think it's such a fantastic idea and extremely generous of you.



Frances Munro -  United Kingdom


I like the way you share your knowledge, thoughts and experience. It’s really interesting how you combine philosophy and fiction. A real good blend.



Magali Muller - Belgium

This book is amazing. It describes what everyone of us feels deep inside. I have read a lot of books, and very few have moved me, inspired me and blown me away like this one.



Tanua Lombok - Indonesia

There are distinctive cultural differences in the way people communicate. Even personal pronouns are used differently in different cultures and a simple nod of the head can have opposite meanings in different cultures. But in Alex’s stories I don’t recognize that… it’s like he’s speaking a universal language. I had for the first time such an effortless reading experience in my life. The book is full of beautiful universal quotes and insights. I can understand why so many translators did want to work so many hours as volunteers. I can’t wait to read the second novel. Thank you Alex.



Denise Vivas - Colombia

I was touched by the relationship between Nathan and Sophie and the deep spiritual connection between them that went far beyond mere physical attraction. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a desire to seek a more spiritual path in life.



Angelica Lobo de Sousa - United Kingdom

I found ‘Legend of a Nomad’ book very easy to read. It is a story that uplifts the spirit and inspires one to face up to the reality of life. I recommend all who are in search of knowledge and wisdom to use this book as a tool for personal transformation.



Janet Smith Warfield - Florida

Alex Mero writes beautifully and in a manner that holds my attention. There's nothing I enjoy more than a great dialog with an excellent mind and the novel is full of great dialogues.



Juan Ramón Velasquez - Spain

Alex Mero helps us to explore questions such as "What is the meaning of my life?", "What is my purpose?", and "How can it be achieved ?". Great book. Great genre. Great writer!



Melike Uzun - Turkey

The approach that Alex takes is basically laid out within the first sentence of the book. It reads, “This book is an invitation to us to step out of our personal stories for a little while and to put ourselves into different ones.” This book is therefore a compilation of many Eastern and Western philosophies. I liked very much how the potential of the dialogic form is fully exploited. Great work. Highly recommended!



Mark Smith - South Africa

This is indeed a beautiful book. A meaningful, inspiring and touching story lovingly told.



Jean Louis Bonnet - France

Legend of a Nomad is an extraordinary book. To see the idea of intuition written about in such a novel manner was a breath of fresh air. This book, if taken on board will change your views on life. You'll become a philosopher yourself. Just one advice: All the dialogues of this book should be read with an open mind and everything will become very clear.



Denise Spacinsky - Massachusetts

Thank you for writing for us. I love what you are doing.



Nicole Peng - Malaysia

It took me some time to read this book because I did it not only with my eyes, but also with my heart. There are so many levels in this novel. There is the story line, of course, but there are spiritual depths and truths that are beautiful beyond explanation.



Dora Evagelinaki - Greece

I love this novel and I cannot praise it enough. It is a story with layers, and every reader can enjoy the more philosophical portions of it in function of its own level.



Yolande Hoelscher - California

It is about a young man's courageous life journey, his transformation from an intelligent child to a sensitive, balanced, articulate, spiritual man. His journeys represents all of our life's journeys. I enjoyed the book immensely.



Juan Carlos Garcia - Chile

This book is really well worth the read and in my humble opinion, is destined to become one of the classics in philosophical literature.



Carolien Kok - Netherlands

I like the enigmatic style of Alex's writings. Moreover l think he's done a good job, choosing profound theme's and styling them in a suitable form for fiction. There's on the one hand this search for gnosis/a search for a higher meaning in life and on the other hand a mastering of language.



Ingrid Marn - Sweden

Thanks Alex, your concept is great! I consider myself a nomad since I grew up around the world and I wrote a book as well. I had no idea of the dimensions this book was to take, taking me back into a journey deep into each experience of my life that’s made me into who I am today.



William Testard - France

Alex possesses the rare ability to synergize philosophy and spirituality. Reading “Legend of a Nomad” is surely a transformative experience for everyone.



Diana Hurwitz - Indiana

I’m convinced it is possible to create a new way of thought based on ideas expressed in a novel. Reading taught me the world was wider than a ten mile radius, to think beyond the paradigm I was raised with and that I could live whatever plot I chose to write for myself. Stories have the power to transform the reader, if the reader is open. Alex is a great storyteller.



Anthony Glass - Australia

Alex Mero has a vast amount of knowledge, skill and experience of personal and spiritual development. I had long conversations with Alex and I can say that he is a visionary, thoughtful and courageous person. His work and ideas are years ahead of his time. I learned a lot and it is always a great pleasure talking with him.



Golshifteh Farahani - Iran

Alex is doing a fantastic job with a unique literary concept. He is very talented and creative. His first novel is a true gold mine and provides some invaluable insights in a wide range of existential questions.



Dawn James - Canada

When I visited this website and read the online version of “Legend of a Nomad” - I saw a similarity in that - humanity needs to start to create  inner peace and harmony, in order to create peace and harmony among communities and the planet.



Ewa Chambovey - Switzerland

Alex is a profound and passionate writer who brings clarity on his reader’s path. I learned a lot from him.



Esperanza Garcia - Philipines

I have one message for all readers: If you ever need that extra push to get to your creative destination, this novel is the one you should read. It will give you hope and confidence and bring your unique sensitivity to the next level.



Gaby Romeri - Washington

Wouldn't Plato's Cave be an example of philofiction? Or even Aesop's fables? Kafka and Gogol? The personal philosophies of all our greatest authors emerged into their stories; though hidden between wit and imagination, to make us read on. They are not art for the sake of art or entertainment (which is beautiful and necessary), but for the sake of humanity and knowledge; the ultimate responsibility of an artist to his fellow man. Alex, your personal philosophies inspired. Plato would be proud.



Dorota Kowal - Poland

I felt very at 'home' reading the version of your website in Polish. I admire your innovative and forward way of being a writer. Congratulations!



Born Nordbeck - Denmark

This is not a book to lightly read and put aside. It is a thoughtful and compassionate book to stick with and then dip into again and again.



Gili Anna - Israel

This is a fantastic book to give as a gift- It's an adventure story, an introspective quest, and a enchanting travelogue!



Joan Hayes - United Kingdom

From time to time we feel a recognition by reading words that emanate from lucidity. This recognition is beyond the intellect, beyond the thinking mind and even beyond our understanding. It is this recognition that goes right to the heart of what is being communicated in “Legend of a Nomad”



Friedrich Müller - Germany

This is a great book for anyone interested in psychology and intuition. The material is presented as a tale with very clear messages. Alex Mero describes many interesting situations that certainly will challenge your intuition.



Jill Paschal - California

It is very interesting you were able to crowd source individuals around your vision which is a worthy story within itself. NGO's and fiction authors together we can help humanity to re-learn respect for nature and arrest our environmental impact through developing and engaging curriculum.



Charlie Perelli - Argentina

When I read Alex’s dialogues, it’s like I have myself an experience of meeting with people in such a way that my inner knowledge comes to light. It’s like I’m able to really hear my intuition. I never felt this so strongly before.



Fabrice Levy - France

Reading philosophical dialogues will give the reader a greater capacity to listen to others and at the same time to dialogue with oneself. The more we listen to other people’s stories, the more we are able to learn and reflect from others. Philofiction dialogues surely increase self understanding and self critical.



Bogoz Gevork - Armenia

Alex Mero brings the process of dialogue back to life and learn us to communicate mindfully and compassionately.



Allison McGevna - New York


When I read about your vision of life I am happy. Thank you. I like philosophy, but not for philosophy it self. I try just like you to make it work for Life, for myself en other people. Knowledge, belief, learning, searching... must serve Life and people. It is very easy to become a slave of own thoughts, fair, EGO, knowledge, talents.. but we know it is important that everything works together for the benefit of Life and people. I noticed when I help or want to help people - I help myself. When I help myself - I help people. That gave me understanding of being connected with all people. And being a part of the whole makes me happy. I wish you all the best.



Gavin Ho - China

This novel turned out to be one of the best books on intuition that I have read, even though it's called fiction. The author does say in the introduction that he used his intuition to write it. Well I would say the intuition itself used the author to write this story.



Linda Wolf - Washington

You’ve done a great job Alex. I never seen such a great concept. I think this was never done before. I wish you as many readers as possible.



Nadia Al-Hassan - Tunisia

This first novel of Mero shows us that that intuition is absolutely natural. It is our thinking heart and expression of our enlightened spirit.



Ana Jimenez Vargas - Colombia

The gentle harmony of Alex’s words gets under your skin and into your very bones, working its insistent magic. This is truly the alchemy of transformation.



Angela Barrows - New Zealand

The book begins with a clear moment, which sends young Nathan on a journey, following his heart and signs given to him. Before heading out on his journey to find his destiny, his father leaves him with advising him two guides- I think everyone of us can use the same guides. The first guide is the question- what lives in me. The second guide is the question- what can enrich my life. Those helpful guides know the road we have to follow as no other. As each thought, each conversation, each experience feeds those guides, they will help us move towards our life purpose. Wonderful advice Alex. Thank you.



Rahim Asgard - Pakistan

Now I know I am a philofiction writer too and I think this genre is a genre with a great future which will make philosophy easier to understand for the reader.



Karin Lindell - Norway

Reading Alex make you feel faithful that human beings are able to be developed and transformed into a better, happy and spiritual life.



Srisuda Suksomklang - Thailand

This author is really well talented, insightful and accurate with the feelings and thoughts we all have. For me this book is more than anything else a book about courage and faith.



James Mungin - Australia

A beautiful art of prose, blended with acts of intuition, faith, wonder and ambition. An perpetuate volume in its ability to illicit thought and logical reason from readers of all ages. The very base of philosophic logic abounds throughout the simple language. I like philofiction.



Ayhan Yabatu - Turkey

This is a fabulous story that leaves an imprint on my heart, with imagery and contemplation that comes to me while reading, and days after I finished the book. I am comforted by the tale, as it confirms things I have always believed to be true about our intuitive capacity.



Sanou Diack - Senegal

This book exceeded all of my expectations. Alex Mero is insightful and entertaining to read. I credit him for starting me on the path of my spiritual journey.



Guillaume Nothomb - Belgium

If you are ready to put aside everything you know and if you are open to something that seems to go against so much of what you’re been conditioned to believe, then perhaps something in what’s being shared here will resonate.



Jim Conkle - California


Alex, I want to share with you that our mutual friend and your partner, Ingrid Marn has allow me to get to know the most excellent work the two of you are doing. The two of you are truly artists with your words and your photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. A loyal and admiring fan.



Cynthia Huaman - Peru

As I was reading the book, I was amazed at the synchronicities in my own life mirroring those in the story. This book is an inspiration for me. It moved me at my very core. The balance of awareness and choice that we all have.



Luis Miguel Gutiérrez - Mexico

There is no discussion that this book presents a wonderful story that help us to recognize "signs" that help guide ones life. It was a marvelous read and from a person who has been exposed to many signs of late, reading this book has given me the guts to continue on what my heart feels right. Thanks for an excellent read.



Dalia Khalaf - Egypt

Thank you Alex! We are much aligned in our thinking!



Nilufer Coskun - Turkey

Alex Mero has unusual gifts as a writer but he is not just a writer he is also powerful thinker and great spiritual person. I feel a great pleasure to be one of the translators of his first novel "Legend of a Nomad" for the Turkish Language. He added a lot sense to my words and enlighted my path during my journey of translation. I think he is one of the unique characters entered my life and I feel I gained a magnificent friend.



Eveline Horelle Dailey - Arizona

Philofiction feels to me as the merging of philosophy and fiction. But also a merging of left and right brain. They are different but can be bridged.



Tatjana Torkel - Finland

I would like to recommend Alex Mero who has designed and implemented a True Innovative Literature Concept for his Philofiction. The Concept includes on-line Book in the several languages & printed version of the Book and Questions & Answers described in his Blog. The content of the Book carries a number of the Meaningful Discussions interesting for anyone who is looking for Philosophical Art.



Cary Neeper - New Mexico

We work on the same themes include an exploration of the human self-image in this huge universe. Especially when confronted by other sentient communicative beings, extended family values as an inclusive legal commitment that stabilizes societies, the principles of steady state economics, and the unpredictable nature of the complex systems that define our lives.



Sergio Quiros - Costa Rica

Alex's literary work is simply astounding. He possesses a natural ability to choose the right words and weave them into some of the most engaging novels that I have recently read. He masterfully walks the very delicate line between simplicity and power owning both, a rare feat these days which I can compare only to such popularly-read contemporary authors like Paulo Coelho and Eckhart Tolle. In addition, his books are not just captivating reads; they effortlessly immerse the reader in some of the deepest, most universal spiritual truths while attaching itself to no religious, political, ideological, or cultural affiliations; making them rich bundles of wisdom for any human being. And that's a miraculous achievement! If I could I'd put a copy of Legend of a Nomad in the hands of every elementary school and high school child in my city.



Cinzia Pasqualino - Italy

Alex is a wonderful writer. I recommend his book Legend of a nomad, because through the description of the colors and the perfumes of other civilizations he opens up new horizons to the human mind.



Manja Bodde - Netherlands

I like to recommend the book legend of a nomad. A beautiful story that takes you on a journey over the world and in the mind. It offered me the opportunity to calm down in this restless world by it's intelligent overview and perspective. Once you start reading you will not stop. I wish you a good time with this book.



Courtney Rubenstein - New York

I just red the book and it's really great stuff. I'm really intrigued by the whole thought process and am eager to learn more about intuition. It really amazes me how truly connected we all are. My intuition tells me there is a reason why this book came to me.


Amina Amadiume - Nigeria

This was by far the most brilliant piece of literary work I have ever gotten hands on. The way that Mero crafts details, imagery, and ideas is amazing. Great work! I am impatient to read the second novel.



Desi Mandarini - Inodonesia

Alex writes inspiring stories in his novels. He shares his brilliant ideas and fantastic experiences in a way that touches our heart. He shares his stories in several foreign languages besides English so everyone in the world can be inspired by his stories. I've worked with him as a translator for one of his novels, and I am happy to recommend him for his work.



Geneviève Roy - France

Alex is a gifted writer with a great capacity to let the reader literally see and feel what really matters in this world, using therefore a very rich and powerful imagination and all his travels over the world. Therefore, his books are delightful to read, just like adventure novels, but with a great depth and comprehension of human's consciousness. And it's all about adventure, indeed, but spiritual adventure, the adventure of finding out the essence of who you are.



Tariq Omer Ibrahim - United Arab Emirates

Alex is an expert author he knows how to attract his readers to keep reading his books from the beginning to the end I translate for him and I enjoy a lot.



Gaby Valenzuela - Chicago

Alex has deep knowledge of the universal language as well as deep understanding of cross-cultural communication. This, besides being a focused and detail-oriented philosopher, makes him an excellent writer.



Tamara Hechavarría - Cuba

I highly recommend this novel to all truth-seekers and students of spiritual knowledge as a major key to unlocking our past conditioning and increase our intuitive strength. Here is a balanced and insightful approach to spirituality.



Eileen Chang - China

Congratulations on following your passion and a great achievement Mero.



Bonnie Welch - Texas

Alex is a very strategic thinker and expresses his thoughts in such a way that the lay person can grasp them quickly. He is visionary in his strategies; especially in social entrepreneurship. I have purchased Alex's book and found his insights to be spot on and helpful in my work and personal life. I highly recommend Alex.



Crislaine Sanguino - Brazil

As a translator, I would like to state that I am very sure of Alex Mero´s talent to reach your feelings as an author. His book, which I have translated and reviewed into Portuguese, shows his talent very clearly and his ability to talk directly to people´s heart. I surely recommend him as an author as well as the reading of his book.



Claudia Paci - Italy

Alex is a very talented author. He is an excellent writer really focused on his goals- he knows exactly what he means. He is an enthusiastic storyteller with high skills- I was delighted to translate from French into Italian for him.



Pascale de Mari - France

Alex is a talented writer. More you read his work, more you discover things. Alex is also a very fine person to work with.



Sonia Erem - Turkey

Alex Mero is really what we can call a universal writer. Come on board and enjoy your philosophic journey trough the five continents starting in The Philippines and then further to  Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, South-Africa, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Australia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt…



Walt Hollander - Cuba

Alex has a great deal to offer to all who would listen to him, through his insights and wisdom. His thoughts on universalism would take humanity to a much higher level, not of co-existence but of interculturalism with all its attendant benefits and rewards. His perceptiveness of the human condition in all its facets provide a great deal of food for thought. Alex will not leave you feeling bored. His blogs are inspiring to the intellect and lend profundity where, in the end, you will find your brain having enjoyed the gentle massage of a deep thinkers' stimulus.



Valeria Garai - Hungary

Philofiction novelist, a relatively new term for me, is what Alex is as a fine writer. Best you have the pleasure of reading his writings and gain an appreciation of his insights. Highly recommended!



Dhara Kothari - India

Alex is a wonderful writer and presenter. He is highly creative and innovative as well. The readers of Spiritual Lounge where he writes are all very happy with wonderful articles and stories he writes. Alex is also a straight forward and prompt in his work and communication. It is honorable to work with him, he's a valuable team member. Thanks Alex!



Kátia Vasconcelos - Brazil

Alex Mero is a great philofiction writer and blogger and I recommend his pleasant and sensitive writings for people who search for a better world. It was an unique and amazing experience to translate some chapters of his first book; I felt inspired and hope to be so inspired in other books, too. It was very important for me to work with him.



Natalia Koniuszewska - Poland

Saying that Alex is a great writer is not a lie, but I do not want to put a monument to him while he is alive. I really like his art of writing, maybe because I visited many of the places and met similar people that he describes in his book. In addition, I wanted to say that he is extremely friendly and unpretentious person. Having the opportunity to travel and learn about other cultures, he describes his impressions and tries to explain behaviors of various people from a philosophical point of view. At the same time, he treats his writing as a hobby and a wonderful adventure and he knows how to win the friends and the cooperation of people with similar interests. His Legend of a Nomad has been translated into 14 languages by professional translators, who have taken this challenge as an adventure rather than an opportunity to earn money. It also means something, mostly on Alex’ skills to convince others to his ideas (by the way very friendly ones :). Alex does not pay much attention to money, but despite the fact that in the past many artists were not appreciated in life, I just wish it will not be the case with Alex.



Lidia Morejudo - Spain

Alex is a fantastic writer and very inspirational. He is also very understanding and it was great to do translation for him.



Amalia Pascetta - New Jersey

Alex is a creative and talented writer ready to develop and propose new ways of looking at life and at the world; he always keeps an attentive eye on human relationships as a fundamental part of his job. His book Legend of a Nomad is a great work, as is the experience of working with him. I wait impatiently to read his most recent written creation.



Barbara Sajovitz - Austria

Alex’s book simply makes us realize that we have to access our intuition, this powerful tool within ourselves, in order to live a better life and share that life with others.



Naoki Taeda - Japan

Alex is a very talented and unconventional philosopher and writer who aims to make the world better. He keeps me inspired not only on my translation but on the insight toward life. I recommend reading his great novel Legend of a Nomad together with books on the cutting-edge science or spirituality which give us new visions of life and the universe.



Stephanie Engola - Cameroon

Alex is a very humble person and I think this is particularly due to the fact he is a writer and philosopher. He certainly knows best what is meaningful in life on earth and what is not. His writings are very interesting to me and I am always delighted to read his answers to people who ask questions on his blog. I will definitely keep this humble friend of mine.



Snezana Grujic - Serbia

This book presents precious information that only those who have actually paid attention to their spiritual journey would understand and appreciate.



Nigel Jay - United Kingdom

The lessons in this book can really positively impact the life of everyone of us.



Hans Schultz - Russia

Alex Mero is engaged in a philosophical quest for truth, a subject closely liaised with my work as a negotiator between representatives of different culture and subjective 'truths'. His work helps me understand better what I am doing, as it gives an additional theoretical point of view to my practical activities.



Adil Messari - Morocco

This profound and thought-provoking book carries a very special teaching about how we create our reality. The style of writing allowed an easy reading. Dialogues are certainly one of the most reliable method to put the reader on self-reflection.



Jacqueline Ashmore - Canada

The writing is simple and clear. It's entertaining and brings a message which does not need to be complicated, except for those who are not ready to see the reality. This book shows us that the only place we need to look for if we like to find the truth about reality, is in ourselves.



Sophie Chammas - Lebanon

Legend of a Nomad is a fantastic book that connects with people from every age group and every background. The reader can easily identify with Nathan's pursuit of his dream, because we all have dreams.



Jonathan Penn - Ireland

Alex, you have a lot to offer that is of great value to people at this time on Earth. That’s for sure. I wish you the greatest inspiration a writer can manage.



Connie Claire Szarke - Minnesota

Philofiction sounds like very creative nonfiction imbued with universal truths and written by an intellectual who is fond of emotion. Travel, thus recognition and appreciation of the world's multiplicity, figure heavily into Alex’s personal genre. I see philofiction as a lovely way for a writer to focus on and combine his/her experiences, intellect, and talents, as one definition puts it, "through dialogic and imaginative patterns, this literary genre involves the habits of mind in which we make ourselves and shifts our consciousness to a larger perspective through meaningful encounters with divers world views." I believe it was Mark Twain who expressed the idea that travel is the antidote to prejudice, which certainly would be one purpose/outcome of this style.



José de Sá Carneiro - Portugal

This book was amazing. It catches you from the first page and you can't put it down. The messages you take from it are inspiring and sometimes surprising.



Cristina Moral Sala - Spain

Philofiction if great and this book is wonderful. Read it, enjoy it, be inspired and use it as the learning instrument!



Anke Bekink - Netherlands

I have experienced that Alex is a very kind and wise man. I did and still do work for him and had some possibilities to meet him and talk with him about all kinds of topics. I surely can recommend his e-book Legend of a Nomad, translated in a lot of languages, and his other writings about life and deeper understanding.



Gloria Fiorani - Italy

Alex is an excellent writer. I have just translated a chapter of his book Legend of a Nomad, a very fascinating novel based on the search of the true meaning and rapture of life.



Nicole Manker - California

Alex is an open and straightforward author, who knows exactly what he means. Due to his nature, working with him remains extremely pleasant and I look forward to future journeys with him. Literature is not always an area in which authors have the ability to clearly convey and pinpoint their intent at the drop of the hat, but Alex has this gift.



José Luis Montes - Spain

Struck by his observations during his journeys, Alex Mero wrote a wonderful first novel. A story about a spiritual journey and a revolutionary message of enlightenment. I can’t wait to read the second novel. I’m sure he will become a huge international writer, recognized for his powerful storytelling technique and the profound spiritual insights he blends seamlessly into his parables.



Eline Hoskens - Belgium

Alex is a great storyteller who still reminds people today of the mysteries of life. His remarkable slow-pace stories will not appeal to everyone but will certainly touch those who are willing to read with their hearts. His optimism and philosophy surmount the these days popular naturalistic, pessimistic and nihilistic tendencies. Alex’s urge to unconditionally help others out in seeking their true purpose and so many other qualities make him a great person as well as a worthy candidate to bring back a sense of wonder in this world and to have all his dreams fulfilled.



Guy Raedersdorf - France

Alex Mero did travel and live in many parts of the world. His own life has in many ways been as varied and unusual as the protagonists of his stories. Like them, he has followed a dream in a quest for fulfillment. Thank you for sharing your incredibly inspiring experiences Alex!