Mina Kaur - London / United Kingdom


How would you describe a rich and fulfilling life?


A rich and fulfilling life is when we achieve an exceptional life,one in which we’ve developed our sensibility, goodness, and feeling of unity with all other living beings; in other words, a life in which we develop our spirituality. This does not imply the total disregard of all material possessions and comforts, but rather limiting their emphasis, since they only lead to great emptiness. Spirituality, on the other hand, connects us with divine power, offering us an enriched life full of abundance and clarity. For me, true wealth is Spirituality. Those on this spiritual path do not stagnate or complain because they know all solutions are within themselves. Individual life is not viewed as a separate entity, but as a part of a universal consciousness, a commonality between all living beings throughout all of evolution.


Patrizia Messina - Bari / Italy


Where do you feel most at home in the world?


As paradoxical as this may sound, I feel “most at home” when I’m travelling. I begin to experience this feeling as soon as I start to make plans to travel in search of new treasures. I feel it when I embark in voyages to unknown places, in search of new souls, new wonders of nature, new experiences, all of which help me gain more insight into this great mystery called life. I’ve been conscious of this mission since a very young age; travelling the world and gathering universal messages. As if it’s my destiny, since birth, to map what connects us all. My objective, when I travel, is to open new doors to this great home called the Universe.


Dhanya Manoj - Pune / India


How do we define intuition, and how do we differentiate intuitive thought from ordinary thought?


Intuition is the capacity we all have to access inner wisdom; wisdom that goes beyond concrete reasoning. It is the direct link to the collective consciousness, or, in other words, towards humanity’s universal heritage from since its creation. It is the inner knowledge that allows us to gain insight from all our creative sources. We must not confuse it with emotion. Emotion is the response to the body’s instincts and the conditioned mind. Intuition, on the other hand, precedes all thought and always manifests itself in perfect relativity to any situation we face.


Natasja Boomsma - Enschede / The Netherlands


In your opinion, what role does silence play?


Silence provides favorable conditions for the thought process. It is not an objective in of itself, but helps us to transcend our limited vision of reality. In silence, the mind’s habitual impulses gradually disappear, allowing us to achieve inner peace. With inner peace, the mind is appeased, and we become more aware of our own complexity.  Therefore, silence plays the role of facilitating the development of imagination. “Thoughts” then become more intuitive and transcend us to a dimension where all appears complementary and inseparable.