JULY 2012



Khalid Echaara – Valencia / Spain


There exists so many different notions about “freedom”; can man ever achieve absolute freedom?

Our vision of freedom, and our relative position towards it, depends upon our perceptions, our memory and our conditioning. Our view on what constitutes freedom changes constantly, hence the uncertainty about its characteristics. To be free in an absolute way, we need to abolish the idea of a “concept” of freedom.  As long as we are imprisoned by our limited knowledge, absolute freedom can never be attained.   As it stands now, the “known” can never access the “unknown”. Absolute freedom will only be attained once we succeed transcending the “known” and entering into the dimension of the “unknown”.



Gregg Masters – Atlanta / Georgia


Why is there so much suffering in the world?


This question leads to the following one: what meaning can we attribute to suffering, both our own suffering, and of that in the world? Suffering always has a reason, but most especially, a meaning, and an origin in relation to certain thoughts, actions and lifestyles. Suffering incites us to overcome it; to free ourselves from it. It permits a reclaiming of self from the fixed structures of the life cycle we are in. As to the suffering of others, it helps us to reevaluate our own personal worries, gaining new perspectives. When we are experiencing difficult times or moments of grief, all it takes is a careful look around to de-dramatize our own situations.



Marie-Hélène Ribes – Toulouse / France

I see you as a Zen coach. What do you think?


I’m not familiar with the activities of a Zen coach, although I do have some idea of what it entails. Those who follow my work know that it is not my goal to teach. The purpose of my writings, both with my books and with this blog, is to incite people to question certain fixed beliefs. In regards to Zen teaching, I’m of the opinion that the more we identify ourselves with external learned beliefs, the more we distance ourselves from our own inner wisdom. Zen is a path to inner peace, and therefore, this implies much more than the teaching of methods and theories.



Sigmund Pastor – Vienna / Austria


Do you believe prayer has any merit?


Praying is a way to be in harmony with our inner supreme wisdom. To invoke this harmony, we must be aware that at no time are we ever separate from this Absolute power. Becoming fully conscious requires the creation of an inner void; free of tension (evoked by conventional beliefs), dualistic views, discordant thoughts and obsessions. Only then can we access and awaken our spiritual essence which, in turn, enlightens us.