JULY 2013



Adam Flinger - Glasgow / Scotland

What is the state of non-suffering?


Suffering is automatically engendered by desire. The cessation of suffering is not possible, even if only in imaginary form, until we realize that we are the totality of existence, life’s very current; the whole universe in what IS, and what is known. If this state of consciousness is attained, there would be nothing left to desire and we would be complete, all the while, in perfect harmony with the Absolute.



Stefania Bivolaru - Arad / Romania

How do you define evil?


I would say evil is an immature choice; deeds done by a person who in certain moments, and in certain circumstances, is not in a state to demonstrate Goodness and Truth.



David Henning - Lusaka / Zambia

Is there a technique to be more receptive to ultimate reality?


There is no system or technique in approaching ultimate reality. In fact, absolute truth is revealed precisely in the disintegration of any system and technique. It’s only through the dissolution of every image, idea and belief, that our minds can access a state of pure and innocent consciousness. It’s when our minds are void of all concepts that we become One with ultimate reality.