JUNE 2010



Tobias Barthelmes – Locarno / Switzerland


Why is travelling important in your life?

My way of travelling is somewhat nomadic in many respects; my friends have even started calling me the “eternal nomad”. During my travels, I often meet many authentic people with whom I share some fantastic moments. Discovering their different lifestyles and their ways of thinking enables me to broaden my view of the world. Immersing into other cultures helps rid some of my preconceived ideas in their regard, and is therefore a liberating experience for me. The best moments are undoubtedly those in which I feel a sincere sense of hospitality, such as when complete strangers welcome me wholeheartedly into their milieu, letting me explore all aspects of their lives, culture, and sometimes even their secrets. Of course, travelling is also extremely conducive to my writing; it’s a great way for inspiration and to see what my intuition reveals to me as well as what it says should be immortalized in my writings. Without a doubt, I’m one of those people who travel to tell stories- travel and writing is part of my nature and for me, it’s the only way to fully live my life.


Eva Perez - Buenos Aires / Argentina


How do you explain the existence of Evil?

To understand the reasons behind the existence of evil, or all that is negative in nature, and to accept its reality, we must understand that the existence of evil, or “Bad”, is of the same origin as that of “Good”. Anything that comes into existence is counterbalanced by its opposite otherwise it could not come into being. “Bad” is a necessary principle that helps establish equilibrium with “Good”. The absence of “Bad” would eliminate the existence of needs and wants--- without wants, we would have no demands, without demands, we would have no interactions, and without interactions, there would be no evolution. This would create a world in which there could not be a process of refinement, in which “Good” would make little sense, and where life would probably not be very interesting. In this point of view, “Bad” has a dual function; first, it encourages us to improve ourselves and enhance our virtues, and second, it helps us better understand the suffering of others, which gives rise to compassion and the desire to help through acts of “Good”.


Alaleh Saidi – Dubai / United Arab Emirates


If “Bad” is intrinsic to life, can we really eliminate it?

I’m following with this question since it’s relevant to the previous one. The “Bad” that we encounter serves to improve us, to “purify” us. We all have the ability to change and improve our lives, and the lives of those around us, by exemplary behavior. There are countless ways to do so- too many to mention- but a good place to start is to reflect on the things we give importance to- what we give attention to is emphasized. If we choose to focus on the “Bad”, or more correctly, on the negative such as our limitations and faults, as well as those of others, we emphasize the “Bad”, allowing it to flourish. It’s exactly the same process with “Good”- focusing on the positive such as our abilities, qualities and strengths, and those of others, engenders development, and in this way, “Good” flourishes.


Alejandra Saldana - Mexico City / Mexico


What prime force do you consider most vital in our path to spiritual development?

There are many important forces, but the most essential one, in my opinion, is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a force that protects us from dissatisfaction when things don’t go as expected, or when results aren’t seen immediately. I’ve often found that people on the path to liberation are accompanied and inspired by a true sense of enthusiasm which gives them the courage and patience to maintain the discipline needed for spiritual evolvement.


Jose Sequeira – Albufeira / Portugal


Why do you offer your e-books free of charge?

My literary endeavors reflect my personal evolution- they provide a path aiding in my personal progression and growth. I offer different digital versions of my manuscripts free of charge so that as many readers as possible, worldwide, can share this adventure with me. My activities are certainly not for financial wealth, nor for egotistical reasons. I’m motivated purely by a deep and sincere sense of altruism. It is through this sentiment that I aspire to feel a sense of fulfillment. The novel I’m currently writing discusses precisely this- altruism- and the fact that our potential cannot be fully explored and expanded upon without generosity. To learn how to develop our intrinsic capabilities, we must first learn about generosity, and leave any rivalry or competitive compulsions aside. Generosity teaches us the benefits of having a “giving” attitude; “giving” and “doing” without expectations or need to see results. Is there any greater freedom?


Ioana Carp – Bucharest / Romania


Some of the characters in your book are angels. How do you perceive them and what role do you assign them?

The angels who appear in my novels have the role of showing humans how to make their experience of Love pure. These angels know that because of our illusions and material attachments, we’ve prioritized transient or temporary things over what’s really important... Love. They understand that it’s for this reason that we’re constantly influenced and sometimes even dependent on our desires so much so that we no longer know what pure Love means. The role of these angels is then to manifest themselves in different manners and situations to help us recognize and reconnect with the pure Love that lies within us.


Lesley Nuno – Baltimore / Maryland


How do you explain the growing interest in Spirituality?

We all aspire to be happy, and we’re realizing that professional success, prestige, fame and material wealth do not bring happiness in the long term. When we ask ourselves, and listen attentively, to what brings us happiness, we gain the understanding that it’s unnecessary to seek happiness outside of ourselves; this leads to the beginning of a spiritual quest since we realize that all the answers lie within. Happiness is the result of inner peace and Love, and not the result of any outside gains or accomplishments; It comes from spiritual growth.