JUNE 2012



Ron Daniels – Utrecht / The Netherlands


Is it possible to achieve inner peace?


Inner peace is not something you can search for, nor is it an end onto itself; it is but a consequence. It naturally manifests itself when one starts to gain insight into the whole process of our personality, contradictions, needs and destructive ambitions.  Just solely pursuing inner peace can mean that certain stages are skipped.  Only profound inner knowledge leads to inner peace.



Philip Cross – Seattle / Washington


What are your views on the crises occurring in the world today? What are the possible solutions?


There have been perpetual crises since the beginning of time. Man is constantly in crisis, whether it’s with himself or with his surroundings. To better understand the profound causes of these crises, one needs to look beyond the political or economic factors. The sources of the problem are the injustices imposed on people, and even on whole nations, and the fact that these injustices are tolerated, justified and even considered necessary. Today, more than ever, humanity is less important than achievements. If one really desires resolution of these problems, it’s important to revise objectives and the unjust systems that support them. This has to come from within and not from without. Those in power have the task of enforcing and maintaining such systems.



Alena Slezackova – Prague / Czech Republic


In what way can we best gain spiritual inspiration?


To increase receptivity for spiritual insights, we simply let our Spirit perceive itself in an instinctive and natural manner, by "observing" in an immediate (in the moment) and unconditioned fashion. Our mind frequently limits us, because it uses only known data. A spiritual insight, however, is not bound with mind, and finds its source in a higher intelligence.



Bertrand Lahutte – Bordeaux / France


Everywhere in the world we observe people exhibiting mass behavior. Why don’t they try to free themselves? What stops them from thinking individually? And what is your personal definition of freedom?


People are thought since childhood to behave as is deemed appropriate within the social and cultural systems they are raised with. They are, as it were, tended together in flocks and geared into desired directions by the authorities to whom they grant power. Thus, each group develops certain habits, standards and protocolled duties. There can be no question of freedom here. Freedom is never something out of habit, obligation or protocol. Freedom finds its source in joy, creativity and discovery of our uniqueness.