Life as the Solution



The fact of living our life is enough, without seeking it, without fleeing it. Life can really be seen as a great movie in which the roles we play create the energy movements needed to solve the many equations that arise from our inner structure. Situations always come into play, offering us the opportunity to solve the equations. In this sense one can clearly say that life is the perfect solution.


If we live life, without fighting, without blocking it, without trying to cheat, just by understanding our emotions, new parameters are offered that will move our inner structure, through which our evolution is realized, quite naturally. Life is already the solution to life. Everything else is a set of theories and mental loopholes to try to adjust and control the role that we play.


All the methods and doctrines that help us to face life and its sufferings only reinforce the feeling that life is a struggle. Living is then seen as a struggle taking place in an aggressive world. A world that we perceive only outside ourselves, that has no connection with our inner structure. And as we have seen before, if this is what we believe, that is what we experience.


The purpose of life, through all of our experiences, is to simply inquire into our emotions, understanding they are only reflections of what lives in us. Our higher being makes us incarnate as a human connected with matter by a physical and emotional body, to live the experiences that we live.


The feelings and emotions we feel animate our structure and cause changes at all levels. At the level of our higher being we are destined to flow in a direction through which we live the emotions we have to live. At the level of the human being, a number of choices are offered to us every day, always depending upon the awareness we have of our inner structure. And so we ​​constantly live the result of our vibrational equations.