MARCH 2012



Andrew Babtiste – Philadelphia / Pennsylvania


Do you believe the world is evolving?


The world is constantly changing, and the same can be said about humanity. This doesn’t necessarily imply a forward or positive evolution, because with every creation, comes the dissolution of something else. Progress in one area accompanies deterioration in another. Real progress can only come from within, as man achieves a higher consciousness and returns to his original true state of Being.


Thierry Guénon – Toulouse / France


Are we born with inner wisdom or is wisdom learned?


Wisdom comes from within and not from without. We simply have to be “aware” of it and give it shape. We do this by appealing to our true and deepest values, thus allowing Wisdom to come forth. Wisdom is knowledge that our minds cannot conceive. It is the source of inspiration, courage, enthusiasm and profound feelings that incites us to do what is just and right.


Lara Augustine – Wellington / New-Zeeland


Do we subconsciously choose our misfortunes and setbacks?


We all experience difficulties in our lives, and many of us experience major setbacks at any given moment, but what is important is how we respond or react to these challenges. Our response to these challenges is what forms our character. How we resolve problems is determinative, in a large part, by the people around us and the situations we face.


Fabian Alcântara – Córdoba / Argentina


Does “essence” precede “form”, or vice versa?


There is an Ultimate Essence, an intrinsic nature from which all existence originates. This is true for all that exists.  We have a relative perception of the world; our perceptions are based on exernal criteria or stimuli, and restrictive or concrete forms. Essence is the unchanging and infinite unity that underlies ALL.