MAY 2010



Michel Pouchard - Lyon / France


The use of fiction may be very useful for a philosophical writer, but do you think it might make it more difficult for the reader to decipher reality from its fictitious premise?

That could be the case, but nevertheless, it’s an exercise I invite readers to try. My intention through my writings is to captivate the readers in such a way as to increase their awareness of issues related to everyday life and to have them reflect on their deepest aspirations; ultimately, to have them discern their own reality. The gap I create through time-space concepts invented in my writings hopefully allows their imaginations to flourish and increases their awareness to the endless possibilities open to them. This gap can help every reader have a broader vision of reality, to surpass their limits, and perhaps even, to reach a higher state of reality. In addressing the key themes in my writings, namely the revelations made by our imagination and spiritual growth, I hope to have the readers understand that the boundaries they usually face- through their reflections and daily experiences- are arbitrary and illusionary. In my opinion, it is only when we move beyond our misconceptions of this illusionary world around us that we can access the deeper meaning of our existence as well as all other existences.


Carole Fisher - Liverpool / Great Britain


What would you say to those that think philosophy is nothing more than a pleasant past-time, with little or no influence, and without anything concrete to offer the world such as does science or politics, for example?

I think that we shouldn’t confuse a scientific study or a political engagement with a thought or a philosophical trend. Science aims to gain knowledge through concrete verifiable methods of analysis, and politics deals with the structures and regulations of a community. Philosophy, on the other hand, is a discipline of reflection and interpretation of the world and its meaning. It’s a discipline that aims to establish a continual dialogue regarding the essential components of life and the universe. Of course, one can ask what is essential and try to analyze the concrete elements that will define this essentiality, but it goes without saying that the answers can only be indirect ones. It’s precisely this incentive for deducing a question that a philosophical thought can provide some concrete elements as an answer. Therefore, it is up to each individual, depending on his level of insightfulness, to give each philosophical thought a personal meaning, knowing that this will always be done through the filter of his own values and certitudes.


Alain Cioran - Brussels / Belgium


Do you see your writing as a vocation, and if so, how and when did you realize this?

I don’t think I would have had the courage or discipline to achieve all that I have in the past several years if I didn’t see my writings as part of accomplishing a mission. So when and how did I realize this? It started with premonitions, signs that guided me towards my deepest aspirations. These feelings or premonitions were of an intuitive nature, sometimes triggered by direct experiences, and so, it was through my intuition that the path to follow was revealed to me. It’s this internal guide that illuminates the right way by giving meaning and reasons to every important moment on our journey. Today, this vocation is authenticated by living examples; how else can you explain that my work is translated and corrected in over a dozen languages by nearly one hundred professional translators and linguists worldwide, all of whom work as volunteers? Is it for friendship’s sake? Yet, I knew none of these translators when I requested their help with the translations. It couldn’t be because of my reputation since this is my first book and so I was unknown before its publication.  Is it due to my literary ability? I would think not since I had no prior experience in the writing field. It’s not for profit either since my book can be read free of charge on my website. So doesn’t this make you wonder? Without a doubt it does, just like many things in life…