MAY 2011



Dima Al Munajed – Damascus / Syria

Are you not skeptical that the universalism you aspire to, might eventually lead to a single world philosophy which would abolish global diversity?


Universalism does not imply a blending of all cultures into a single one; this is repeatedly attempted and leads to nothing more than a multicultural melting pot. Universalism is a new concept in which all cultures unite, complimenting each other, and highlighting each other’s values and shortcomings, while maintaining some of their uniqueness.  In order to achieve this, a universal model needs to be created permitting the assemblage of all desirable qualities, allowing the evaluation of one another’s values and shortcomings and maintaining those qualities that are positive in promoting overall peace and growth. This requires courage and willingness to forgo some sense of security and familiarity for something new; it is the only way for a new universal civilization to develop; one that is fair and tolerant towards all.



Gavin Ho – Hong Kong / China


You often mention a sensibility that is unique to each person, but how is it possible to have a unique sensibility if at our core we are all from the same “source”?


This is a question that has been asked for centuries and is apparently hard to answer. In my modest way, I’ll attempt to answer it; profoundly analyzing our Being, we can perceive the multiple fractions that compose us. Even if these different parts create the illusion of ourselves as individuals, we each share a commonality with others, and so we question our uniqueness. However, I believe we are indeed unique because each of us has our own unique composition, made up of different fractions, wrapped up in a body that functions as a separate entity, with individual experiences, for a specific period of time.



Angelique Smol – Rotterdam / The Netherlands

How do you perceive the conflicts in this world and what is your opinion on organizations committed to new alternatives? Which movements do you support?


Because of globalization and the complexity of our ever changing times, more and more people are seeking new certitudes; therefore it is only logical that this gives rise to many movements offering new alternatives. Modern society has the tendency to rationalize everything, which results in ever increasing legislative laws and ever decreasing personal freedoms. It is much more beneficial to promote social awareness and compassion, thus creating the opportunity for new understanding, rather than making new rules and regulations to maintain social order. So therefore I wholeheartedly support any organization or person that is wisely motivated and compassionate in character, and who offers positive alternatives for change. Personally, I try to objectively maintain an intellectual and rational view on world conflicts, and this approach enables me to distinguish between real problems and those that are propaganda or sentimental in nature. In this way, I can perceive more practical and realistic solutions to reduce world conflicts.



Tariq Omer – Khartoum / Sudan


Do you believe we will ever be free of all forms of racial discrimination?


Racism is an ideology that is conceived to promote a political or cultural concept. Just the acceptance of the term “race” plays an important role in upholding existent dominant structures. It is an ideology that leads to social inequality, exclusion and rivalry, and prevents seeing the real social factors that are at the basis of the differences. As a result, when social inequality and oppression are given political and cultural legitimacy, groups are then identified by their undesired racial characteristics, and are blamed for social and economic crisis’. They are the scapegoats and become the object of social antipathy, thus diverting from the real cause of conflicts. Racism will disappear when people realize that “race” is an invented term and that we are all part of the human family, equal in every way.