MAY 2012



Mantak Phu – Bangkok / Thailand


How would you define the road to wisdom?


The road to wisdom allows the unrestraint of what is natural, and thus, gives life the possibility to fully manifest itself. It guides us through mysterious journeys and sends us towards the source of life. The insights we gain while on this road, help us to detach ourselves from limited knowledge and to focus on the hidden essence of life.



Yasir Al-Masri – Aden / Yemen


Is there a similarity between our awareness in a state of higher consciousness and that which we experience while taking illicit substances?


What both states have in common is that they both calm the thoughts and allow distancing from the conditioned mind. But there is a fundamental difference between the two: higher consciousness transcends the mind, allowing a greater awareness of our Being, whereas an impaired state reduces our consciousness resulting in a regression of our Being.



Ludwik Naruszewicz – Krakov / Poland


What is karma and how determinative is it in our lives?


Karma is a fundamental concept in Indian Philosophy that is translated from Sanskrit as “actions or proceedings”. In the West, karma is better known as the universal law of “cause and effect”. Our karma, to a large extent, determines our deepest desires and therefore, inevitably, our experiences. At any given moment, when our deepest desire meets with the appropriate conditions to render it to maturation, an experience will occur. If it’s a harmful desire, then a painful experience will follow; a wholesome desire, a pleasant experience. Karma is very determinative in our lives because each desire leads to an experience which provides the opportunity to gain new insights and undertake new actions. Therefore, desires, experiences and actions succeed each other according to the law of karma.



Rhonda Barrett – Boston / United States


As a writer you pay much attention to mystery. Can you tell us more about it?


The mystery of life would no longer be mysterious if it could be conceptualized. If we want to shed light on the mysterious, we can at best, and in all humility, undertake endeavors through artistic, literary or musical forms. The great peculiarity of the mysterious is that it knows no limitations and that only what is limited can be formulated into rational concepts and be expressed.