MAY 2013



David Saldana - San Antonio / Texas

What is the difference between individual and universal consciousness?


The true reality of the world is obscured by the world of the mind. What we consider reality is created moment by moment, depending on what our individual consciousness is able to grasp. All our interpretations are purely thoughts in our minds, and as falsehoods and wrongs are revealed, and clarity increases, we are drawn closer to universal consciousness. Only through intuitive observation can we see the truth that we are not the individuals we believe ourselves to be, an impression falsely begotten by concepts projecting a false ego “me”, but that in truth, we are a unique projection of the highest reality: the Universal Consciousness.



Pedro Jimenez - Barranquilla / Colombia

Is it possible to cure phobias with hypnosis?


A phobia is an irrational fear that finds its source in our subconscious. Hypnosis allows us to focus on the particular area of our subconscious mind harboring such fears, and therefore permitting such fears to be unblocked. Hypnosis permits us to return to the moments where our fears developed and reprogram our subconscious mind. Once reprogrammed, the irrationality of the fear is reflected upon by the conscious mind, and the phobia can be cured.



Marie Berducat - Tours / France

What advice do you have for parents interested in providing their children with a spiritual education?


All children are born with numerous characteristics, unique only to themselves. Therefore, the first step is to assess the special affinities of their spiritual level or maturity, and to then orient them accordingly. This is done by observing their ability in understanding the divine aspects of life, both their own and that of life in general. Parents play a crucial role as initiators, regardless if they fulfill this function in the same manner. The spiritual doctrine that applies to all children is that of Goodness. With regards to children’s discovery of the world, we as parents, and ideally as a society, show them the universality of the world, the vision that transcends any racial, religious, economic and other divisive concepts.



Samira Cherine - Alexandria / Egypt

Is love natural? If so, why does it seem there is so much lack of love in the world?


Love is most definitely natural, but our hearts are influenced, and therefore ‘contaminated’ by negative emotions, keeping them closed, and obscuring the truth of love. These negative emotions come about by false needs that are consistently unmet, unrealistic expectations of life that lead to frustrations, and ideals indoctrinated into us by our social environment, ideals which basically go along the line of competition rather than sharing with one another. True love is absent in false needs and meaningless expectations, and most definitely, in conflicting relationships with one another. Love is unconditional and develops naturally and effortlessly in the total surrender of our true being, in accepting and valuing all that is, just as it is…