MAY 2014



Jean-François Lucille - Paris / France


What is the best way to withdraw from this world?


The want to withdraw from the world is a fantasy of the ego. No matter what a person does, he is always present in this world. His perceptions are an integral part of this world. We cannot, in any way, be conscious of another presence other than what is in this world. This desire of the ego to withdraw is based on powerful illusions; the wish to escape the present moment, the only reality, and life as it presents itself. As with any illusion, it feeds itself with arguments, convictions, beliefs, and sometimes, even rituals, as this illusion tries to take on a real shape. To break through this false reality, it is imperative to focus our attention on the truth of the present moment and to understand that in this very moment, is our unique presence; the presence of the whole universe through our unicity.



Marco Di Natale - Torino / Italia


You write that life creates itself, but actions are nonetheless always executed by people. Can we then blame life for all that happens?


Designating a person as responsible for an act or an event is based on judgment, and as much as this opinion may appear true and is shared by others, it is nothing more than the expression of a restricted view. All it takes is to list all the factors related to an act and the series of events preceding it, to realize that there is only one possible and sensible conclusion; the whole that exists, in other words, “Life”, is responsible for everything that happens, everywhere and at every moment!



Arleta Leandros - Milos / Greece


What is the most important lesson life has offered you?


Nothing has brought me more clarity than the understanding that I am the only person I can try to change. Speaking of my person, I see the world as I, and uniquely my person, can perceive it. This understanding has had a serious impact on my life, provoking a great transformation of my ego. It gave rise to serious questioning and allowed me to better channel my creativity, as well as my commitment to my inner self rather than towards my outward. Real change is an internal process, and it’s there we should focus all our attention. It sounds simple and obvious, but I know it takes lifetimes to fully accept.