New Form of Colonialism



The belief that the world is getting overpopulated is a western ego-centric concept. The West is afraid of having to share some of their excesses with, what they call the developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. After hundreds of years of violent domination by the West over these continents, we are heading to a new form of colonialism.


The desires of population reduction and faraway wars are most likely the unconscious results of decades of horrendous mass-propaganda making us believe that wars are necessary, wars are normal, wars keep the world in balance. The truth is, that wars are only created to keep the pyramidal-based system, growing.


It should be obvious for everyone how the corporate media are propagating justifications after justifications for continuous conflicts and killing. Today the mass-media has the perfect knowledge to rationalize wars by manufacturing danger and terror. And they get an amazing result cause, what do we see?


The masses are asking for more police and military protection; not disagreeing with more wars in far-away overseas places. And what is the reason given? For the so-called protection of their comfort. masses are so brainwashed and afraid that they gladly give away their civil rights.


When will the People open their eyes to these flagrant human atrocities of an ever manipulating elite? Does any nation believe to be safe? Or is that how humanity wants to be remembered? The race that did exterminate itself?