Jamie Brightlynn – Virginia Beach / Virginia

Where is humanity headed, and how will we get there?


There exists a universal order behind the creation of all visible or physical forms. Additionally, what is not yet manifested in a physical form already exists, seemingly, in another dimension; although in reality, this dimension is never really separate from the physical one we know. What is visible, in whatever form, and what is not, is always connected. The question we can ask ourselves then is: within humanity, how does what is not yet visible, become apparent, or make itself known? My answer to that is: humanity's future is revealed and clarified with man's increasing awareness of his real destiny.



Fernand Nwesla – Yaoundé / Cameroon

It's touching and wonderful how you write about people with disabilities. Why are people born with disabilities?


Everyone is born with a form, and knows then, by definition, physical and mental limitations. The perception of these limitations is individual and depends on the way each person experiences them. In general we can say that the will to surpass these limitations allows us to develop our consciousness. Certain limitations can be overcome physically, and others not, but all limitations can be overcome within oneself; not by fighting them, but by accepting them. When we accept all our limitations, something unique emerges; something which had it been conceived differently, would never have come to be.



Blain Tomlinson – Collingwood / Canada


Will we ever know reality to the level the Creator does?


We will probably never know it, but we can experience it. Reality is something too mystifying to be understood in the form of intellectual knowledge. When we try to understand it, we perceive it through our limited intellect, which offers us a very limited view of this reality. Our intellect can only give us a static illusion of something that is constantly in motion and perpetually changing. If we want to better experience reality, we need to free ourselves from our limited intellect, and attain a level of consciousness where our intellect has less of a hold on us. This is a level of consciousness that is closer to the Absolute and better linked to the one and only real Wisdom.



Salima Meliani – Fez / Morocco

Whether it's with your literary work or the articles in your blog, your words are powerful. You do this humbly and modestly, which is part of your charm, but how do you explain the impact your words have on the readers?


The only thing I can say is that when I'm writing, there is a profound desire to put into words something which is much bigger then I. What I feel is without doubt, something inexpressible. Through my writings, the reader recognizes messages which touch and are particularly relevant to them. Thus, each reader creates their own new interpretation of these messages, each different from the other. These new interpretations influence the reader's thoughts and emotions and help liberate them from their usual imposed thought processes. Through words inspired by the timeless source, things can become apparent to the reader that had not been beforehand.