Malek Djaout - Algiers / Algeria

How do we discover our life mission, and is this mission always accomplished?


To do so, we need to identify our deepest desire, that desire which has always remained close to us, and then concentrate with heart and soul on its realization. Once on the right path, we need to be open to all new perspectives. It is therefore important to persevere forward and not to re-track backwards in our steps, because this will only delay the process. Our mission in life is in of itself an accomplishment when our behavior evolves in accordance with our deepest desire.



Niels Lundberg - Arhus / Denmark

How do we get in touch with the deepest levels of existence?


Once we rid ourselves of our fears and desires which distance us from the essence of life, life unfolds joyfully, and in a naturally organized way. During this liberating process, we notice greater synchronicity in the experiences we are going through, and our attention is intuitively focused on the deepest levels of existence.



Martin Mulpas - Limoges / France

IF we let our lives be guided by a higher intelligence, what about our own contribution to this world? Our uniqueness, is it not specifically our personality, brought about through means of our own intelligence?


What we call our personality or what we perceive as personal is nothing more than the reflection of our essence. By dropping all facets of our personality, our essence appears automatically. By no longer giving importance to what we call our personality, we voluntarily accept inward guidance by a far superior intelligence than ours; a journey that is unique for each of us.



Moges Bekere - Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

To what end are your writings leading too?


My writings reveal my own path to better understand myself, but also the human in general and his relation to the world. Likewise, I invite every reader to follow his own path.