Our Power of Exchange



Through a new look at life, where all people and situations are the reflection of what we are; our mind becomes accustomed to its new perceptions of reality. We understand that there is no absolute good and no absolute evil, that there is not necessity to be afraid to do well or fear to do wrong, since the role of our free will is none other than to choose to be ourselves. We are then reconciled with life. We approach it differently, without ever thinking that it is hostile or that it wants to harm us.


From here, we also approach others differently, with more attention for their beauty, for what lives in them, even if they have not yet recognized it themselves. Our power of exchange is then growing in the nonvisible of our energy sphere as well as in the matter. Our power to communicate and to transfer is then translated in a magnetic way, on the one hand, by a greater ability to attract what elevates us and on the other hand to keep at a distance what is not appropriate for us.