Predicting your Future?



How many among us look into Astrology? Many indeed! The reasons people do are usually the same: a desire for a better understanding of themselves; a need to be in control of their future; a wish to learn more about the Universe; and so on.


Not surprisingly, these are things Astrology provides with ease. There are Natal Charts, which give the person a detailed report of their complete personality; these also claim to give a glimpse of what that person’s future will look like. Some even directly claim to let people know what their future will look like.


With so many alternatives for knowledge, for many, Astrology seems like The Solution. The question I like to bring here is: are there negative effects? And if there are, what are they?


For many, Astrology works for more inner knowledge and as a tool for predicting the future. But the truth is there’s much more in Astrology that affects the person behind the scenes rather than just giving them a better self-understanding.


Since we’re constantly worried about being part of something and belonging somewhere, it’s normal that we’d consider identifying ourselves with something good. But, the thing is, by doing so, there’s something very important we’re inevitably forgetting and perhaps not even realizing: We are not our behavior.


Identity is the set of beliefs, based on our behavior that we accept about ourselves by which we live. It’s not who we are, it’s who we believe we are.


We use this “Identity” mindset to justify behavior, to judge the behavior of others and to give us an excuse to continue on with a certain patterned behavior. And this is detrimental because it hinders our ability to grow.


Astrology does precisely this. It creates the idea that we have an identity, a static personality, and that we can only act based on that personality.


This also means that if in our Natal Chart there’s such thing as a block or an emotional dependence, there’s no way to extinguish it. We’re doomed to live with it forever.


How does it work? It uses our need to know who we are to make us identify with things we like to hear. Then, because we identify with the good things, we need to accept, if the good things were right, that the bad ones must be right too. Ultimately we find ourselves not knowing how to outgrow either.


Finally, it hinders our relationships because it amplifies problems or even creates problems that were maybe not even there to begin with.


Ironically enough, most people feel precisely the opposite when it comes to Astrology. They feel they have more control because they already know what’s going to happen next. And this is exactly why the people who believe this are, oftentimes, so powerless.


One of the largest misconceptions there are, comes from believing we can predict the future.

Well, that could only be true if the future were to be a linear thing, one single, direct line leading us towards our course. But, as we all know, that is never the case.


So, if the future itself can’t be predicted. At least, not in the ways that we think we know. It can only be chosen.


And here is the root of the problem. Obviously we are constantly moving towards our future. But if we aren’t choosing it, then who is?


This is precisely where Astrology comes in. First, it makes people believe it can predict their future. Then, it puts someone else in charge of it with the use of horoscopes or cards. No wonder why people think they already know what’s going to happen next, they’ve already accepted what their future is going to look like.


So, essentially, Astrology takes away the power to choose our future, and makes us accept one which we didn’t create.


And from there, we always feel the need to put someone else in the front seat of our life which gives us the idea we’re predicting what’s going to happen to us when, in fact, we’re simply accepting a path we didn’t design.


Alongside with taking away our power to create our own future, this practice also has another concerning consequence in our lives. But, first, let’s do a quick check on the effects Astrology has on us when we follow it, shall we?


First, it limits our minds and relationships, by telling us who we are and influencing our sense of identity.


Then, it makes us believe it can predict the future which serves brilliantly to make us accept whatever future they come up with.


Next, we accept that future and whatever else they tell us will happen and turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Astrology does precisely this. It tells us a possible future and then we play a movie in our head with it. So, in fact, Astrology didn’t predict the future, it installed one in our head which we followed. This is very different.


And just as different as it is, actually, it's also quite dangerous. If we let Astrology’s predictions become a self-fulfilling prophecy, we lose the potential to create a future in which we are in tune with our inner voices. And we should all consider this.


In the end, we’re all here with one specific goal: to create our own paths and follow them. How can we do that, if we give that power away?


These are just some foods for thought. The purpose of this article is to make us aware of what happens when we follow Astrology and believe it. However, the choice to do so or not, is entirely up to each one of us.