Purpose of the Game



When we have understood that we have separated ourselves as consciousness observing matter, unfolding through our human incarnation and we become fully aware of our connection, as a spiritual being embodied in matter, with the whole universe ... a next step comes.


Now we know that there is nothing to escape, to obtain or to become and that we are no longer imprisoned by our system of belief, our actions turn into spontaneous reflections of our true nature. At this point we understand that we are living here in duality to play a game. A game that we used to take so seriously, a game in which we were really scared, where our minds had the most compelling theories to justify each of our fears. A game in which we were sometimes lost, believing that the outside world was the only reality.


It is clear now that all the qualities and weaknesses that we give ourselves are, each time, only a part of what we really are. Because we are always the two polarities at once, the part that we like to make visible has the only objective to keep the other invisible. Once we fully understand this, we understand all the rules of the game.


When we proclaim ourselves great, it is our little who speaks. When we believe to be a victim, it is our own violence that we hide. When we are generous, it is our self-seeking part that is at the origin of action. When we are ruthless, it is based on our kindness. The human being is exactly this incarnated duality.


At a much higher level we have conceived our physical bodies as vehicles, in order to come to experience in a relative world. But before human beings, we are other beings who have the pleasure of manipulating genetics for creating spheres of life like this planet, thus creating on this planet bodies and then having invested in them, we live the human experience.


The sense of this experience is that human beings have emotions that connect them with their external realities. To keep them alive, human beings have been induced by a primary emotion, the fear of dying. So we have created what we call an ego, an independent entity circulating through the dimensions of time and space.


The ego, only conscious of its life in the relative world, will develop from its inner structure the fear of dying. And so the ego generates outside in a perfect polarity, a survival instinct. Since the vehicles we have created operate autonomously, not knowing that they are connected to something infinitely greater, when they create a belief, it becomes their reality.


The human collective is held for thousands of years in this game of matter. Where we live lives of accidents, illnesses, deaths and it is all these traumatic masses that we carry. Those who are able today to mirror themselves are in fact humans going through a process of remembering their true nature. Those who are fully aware of the game that one lives in this temporal body within a relative world, watch their whole lives shift.


How many of our problems become futile. The seriousness we brought to the worldly things loses their intensity and this intensity is transferred to moments that bring joy. Understanding the true meaning of the incarnation, life is accepted, without fear, anger or a sense of obligation ... just with the responsibility to play this game that we created. It is at this moment that we succeed in bringing into light the parts of ourselves that are still hidden and that life takes on its full meaning.