Reclaiming Our Power



If we want to get to the root of why the world is currently in such disarray, it is necessary to analyze our relationship with the powers that be and examine how some fundamental aspects of our freedom are warped by deeply accepted false concepts, taught and promoted by the various bodies of power in our society.


When we take a look at the history of the world, we realize that at all times, and under all regimes, a tiny group of elite, representing but a very small fraction of the world’s population, has always been in a state of directing and manipulating the rest of the people. This is true whether it’s in the times of Pharaonic Egypt, the Greek democracy, the Hindu Brahminical regime, the Catholic monarchy, the Republic of China, the Islamic caliphates and others.


It is therefore interesting to research what new aristocracies or dominant minorities govern today, not for the purpose of designating certain organizations and corporations in particular, but with the idea of understanding the scope of their power. By way of neutrality and with the necessity of naming them, I will refer to them as the “networks”.


It is clear, and without question, that the world today is run and managed by the ever omnipresent networks in key sectors such as finance, politics, media, sciences, and education. And even if the idea of a democratic system was invented and put into action by these networks themselves, it is a fact that this idea will never exceed the utopian dimension.


To understand the power of these networks, we have to understand their influence on the psychological level. We must analyze how our minds are manipulated with the goal of managing our relationship with reality, our view of the world, and up to what point manipulation influences our well-being, our emotions, our values, our needs, our relationships with others but most especially how this affects our self-esteem and self-love.


To understand the logic of these networks, is to better understand our own view of reality, of our racial, religious and community identifications and of our individual beliefs. This allows us to resume and preserve the healthy management of our innate power to be “self”, a unique Being, on the one hand, dedicated to all its spiritual rights and on the other hand, to be free from undue repression, by the various mechanisms seeking to break the links to the accession of a higher consciousness.