Diego Frederico - Brussels / Belgium

Is self-realization a process in which spiritual concepts are gradually understood, or is it a spontaneous awakening?


No concept, whether spiritual or otherwise, can instantly reveal to us who we truly are. Concepts are ideas and thoughts which come to us one moment and are gone the next. They last for a certain amount of time only and are therefore not absolute truths. This being said, when a concept does indeed abound with absolute truth, something about it lasts, allowing us to perceive the absolute truth revealed within it; leading to a moment of awakening that appears spontaneous, certainly, but like any spontaneous event, after having had a long maturation period.



Andrew Findley - Calgary / Canada

How should we deal with death?


The only way to deal with death is to accept it. Because, as humans, we have difficulty accepting loss and separation, our thoughts and feelings refuse to understand the natural flow of life. This refusal creates resistance, which is followed by pain and sorrow. We can diminish this pain and sorrow, and even avoid it, if we recognize that we are not our bodies, nor anything else we identify ourselves with.

Darko Matevsky - Skopje / Macedonia

If everything that exists has a cause, what was the very first cause? What caused life in the universe?

Nothing that’s in existence, nor for that matter, any event, has a distinctive cause. Those who research this subject deeply, come to understand that the whole universe contributes to everything in existence as well as everything that happens. In effect, nothing happens or can happen without the whole universe allowing it. Everything happens within a universal order in which each event has its own future.

Gabrielé Lotts - Vilnius / Lituania

How do we attain the state of Love?

Love is not a state we need to attain. We simply have to become conscious that we are nothing other than Love. When we understand that Love is the only reality, we naturally disengage from the unreal, allowing our true essence to manifest itself.