The Change that is Required



Throughout the course of my many discussions, I have noticed that many well intentioned people commit themselves in very specific fields with the purpose of fighting for a better world, by choosing a particular cause, ideology. religion or movement, which are often engaged in a battle with an adversary to whom they have attributed all the ills of society.


Of course there is sense in devoting one’s life to religion, but it is necessary that that sense be in accordance to today’s reality. It is true that it may be useful to define the true powers of this world, and to determine their roles, but without forgetting that every civilization has an end; their decline will occur inevitably, in any case. Yes, we can defend animal causes, but it is more than possible that we will all be vegetarian one day. And yes, it is a fact that we must invest in environmental issues, but the facts show us that the nuclear has already diffused and is a thing of the past and that we are heading towards the solar.


Far be it from me, the idea of repudiating all these good causes, and I could even name many more, but for my part, I try to discern the commitment that could be considered the most essential by asking myself the following question: is there a cause in existence through which every single human being could be moved to unite? A challenge that would have the potential to engage the whole of humanity?


To answer this question, it would be necessary to define the main danger to humanity in its entirety and determine the common factor linking all the major problems that our world is experiencing today. The question may appear difficult, but the answer, without a doubt, is less so: the common danger to the entire human species is the individualistic mind.


The main challenge of the human species therefore is this: how can we free ourselves of the individualistic mind? Can we call into question all our ideas of “belonging”, other than our belonging to the human species?


It is of vital importance that we come to, or return, to the key idea that the entire human race must be protected, and to become aware that in order to achieve this end, we must free ourselves of our egotistical mind and our competitive behaviour.

We must become aware of any form of nationalism and tribalism because this only reinforces the individualistic sense. We also need to detoxify our materialist mentality that is prevalent everywhere in today’s world. We must review our educational systems, where more than anything, it’s competition that is being taught, reinforcing inequality, compromising future generations, or “the people of tomorrow”, as I like to call it.


It is this very challenge that we face, which can be conducted at local, national and global levels, that we must commit ourselves too, and ensure that our efforts have the greatest usefulness. It is in the manner in how we treat individualism, in its multiple forms, that real change will come about. Any other changes will be temporary, with no real form of evolution.