The Joy of Accepting Oneself



Since we live in a vibrating world where everything is made of frequencies and energy, every word we utter is also energy. The universe just vibrates back what we choose to send out in word form. The rule that applies is therefore what we receive is always because of what we sent.


Once we understand this, our first thought is an inquiry: How can I change my structure to bring more happiness in my life? Indeed, it is possible for us to work on all the parts which we are aware of. How? We can go in search of the reasons for our behavior; the origins of our patterns and all the information that can help us, in order that the universe may respond with situations through which we can experience more happiness.


Afterwards, if we engage in more profound therapy, we can deepen ourselves in the realities that constitute our inner structure but of which we are not yet conscious of. The goal is of course to become aware of it, always to better understand and accept what we are and therefore able to better love one another. Let it be clear that we are talking about accepting what we are and not changing what we are. Why? Because wanting to change what we are, is the denial of oneself, the opposite of acceptance.


Often, this is where the mistake is committed. Many people of good intent seek to transform themselves. But to transform ourselves means wanting to be something else than what we are already. The only possible result of this need is an experience of more difficulties in accepting what we are, thus making it more difficult to love. To love is to love that which we already are by simply recognizing what we are.


When we reach this stage where we allow ourselves to be what we are, our whole structure moves and vibrates the joy of being simply ourselves. This freedom allows us to tap into a superior energy potential at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and psychic. It brings a change that directly sees its reflection in the matter and so our whole functioning is changing.


One no longer tries to follow traveled paths. One no longer seeks to make sacrifices to please others. What we are is now what we love. We then see our genius, committing to make appear in matter that uniqueness that is ours, fully understanding the experience we came to live. We dare to live something that has not already been experienced by others. We start paths that have not already been proven by others. It is then that we can experience something truly new and bring something authentic into the world.