The Power of Change



It would bring us further as humanity to understand how our perspective of what’s going on in the world is limited to the facts, or so called facts, communicated by the media. Let us zoom out and see if we may have a better view on the forces manipulating the brain of the masses.


Regardless of our feelings on the changes our world knows, weather on local or global level, we must keep in mind that we alone are responsible for our individual lives by the countless choices we make each day.


By either believing that one person or one government is going to save or change our entire life or by believing that one person is going to ruin our entire life gives away our own personal power.


By either being saddened or thrilled by the people in charge politically, financially or spiritually is extremely dis-empowering. Though each person has every right to feel how they want, it must be remembered that true power comes from within.


Every person has the choice how they wish to respond to what the media decide to bring. Are we going to wither away in frustration, anger and despair or are we going to make choices that help us to become the best person we can be?


On the opposite side, are we going to sit back and believe our personal challenges are going to be fixed thanks to a right government or are we going to take action to become the best person we can be? Regardless of who we support, we all need to reclaim our personal power and continue the trek towards bettering and healing ourselves, even if it is in the smallest of ways.


On a wider scale, this change gives us a collective choice to the world we wish to live in. Do we wish to seek peace with other people and other countries? Do we wish to have dialogue with nations previous administrations demonized? Do we wish to communicate with and try to understand other people’s viewpoints or are we going to remain closed off to such opportunities for personal and collective healing and growth?


Additionally, are we going to continue to allow group-think to dominate our society by letting the media tell us what to believe, or are we going to begin gathering information from several sources to arrive at our own conclusions? Are we going to question leaders more and demand answers that are truthful and unbiased towards any specific agenda?


Will we do this both on a local and mass level? Are we going to work towards cooperation or continue to live in a dying standard of competition?


Let us see this change as a massive turning point in our world’s evolution and have full trust that we will look back at this time and see this as a positive, yet challenging event in that it empowered more people to begin taking action to create the kind of world they wish to live in.


This turning point is allowing us all to shift our perception of the world and to initiate action towards creating a more peaceful, happy and abundant world for all.