Vibratory Reflection



The one who undertakes the spiritual path is sooner or later confronted with adapting the view he has on his own person and on the world around him. How higher his level of consciousness, how more he notices that every being he meets on his path is the reflection of a part of his own energy sphere. In the same way, each situation makes him reflect a part of his interior. Let's take time to analyze what this mirror effect truly means.


Much more than the identity we attribute to ourselves, we are at each moment the result of all our vibratory experiences. This set of vibration consists of conscious information as well as unconscious information for our mind.


Matter reflects what we are. It means that we always obtain the exact results in the matter of what we release at a vibratory level. Matter is nothing but energy assembled and polarized into positive and negative. When we vibrate something from inside, we create a similar energy outside as matter.


When for example a person believes that the world is dangerous and thinks that people are aggressive, that person will experience it. What is called our internal structure is the sum of all that we believe. What we believe becomes a truth in our life as the vibratory system that we are.


That's why spirituality is not verifiable. Anyone who believes that there is only matter, just a physical world, receives proof of it. Same as who believes that there are demons seeking to harm them, also receives proof of this. We always receive proof of what we believe because our beliefs are signals that we emanate around us, creating the vibrational equation of our inner structure. This structure is therefore the equivalent of our whole system of belief. However it is through this structure that we can also allure the information that allows us to evolve spiritually.